Eurochance -- Language courses for blind and visually impaired


BRAILCOM, o.p.s.

Czech Republic

BRAILCOM, o.p.s. is a non-profit organisation working in the field of research, training, educational and assistant services for blind people. Its primary aim is to facilitate blind people access to information. Brailcom provides hardware and software to the blind community, service and technical background to the visually impaired clients and to organisations such as K. E. Macan Library and Printing Office for the Blind (, Prague Conservatory and Tuners School of Jan Deyl that provide services to the blind.

BRAILCOM, o.p.s is the promoter of this project.

Eurovision, Ltd.

Czech Republic

Eurovision, Ltd. is a private organisation working on the field of EU grant and project counselling and SMEs development guidance. They offer the complex know-how and organisational services to successfully complete the projects to be financed from the Structural funds and other Czech or European grant resources.

Eurovision as the coordinator of this project.

Berufsförderungsinstitut Steiermark


The Bfi Steiermark is one of the largest institutions for vocational training in Austria; they are a non-profit organisation and are carried by the Austrian Trade Union and the Federal Chamber of Labour. Per year they train about 27.000 people in many different sectors from wood and construction, metal, computer training, e-learning, languages, management, health and social professions, etc. In addition the Bfi Steiermark has high competence in active labour market policy, vocational workplace organisations, socio-economic organisations, employment self-help projects, consulting sector and quality management.

The Faculty of Economics VSB-TU Ostrava

Czech Republic

The Faculty of Economics V¦B-TU Ostrava - The Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics supplies an education in its action area for all programs and specializations of a bachelor, M.Sc. and MBA studies as well as for a PhD. doctoral study level at the Faculty of Economics VSB-TU Ostrava. In a pedagogic respect the department aspires to achieve at the graduates high-level ability to exploit modern mathematical-economics method in economic practice and theory.

Lawton School S.L.


Lawton School is a language and vocational training institution based in Spain, with over 35 years experience in language teaching (mainly English) and materials development. We organise courses for many different purposes for the general public, of all ages and levels, for companies and organisations, and in 2001 obtained ISO 9001 certification for "Design, development and implementation of training courses and activities in the field of language learning". Other services include the organisation of language courses abroad, Spanish courses in Spain, our own online language learning campus, and translations of all types. Lawton School has taken an active role as partner i n numerous European projects, both Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig.



MediaLT has a wide range of experience in relation to developing new software, adapting existing software, training within the area of IT and research in the field of disability and work. MediaLTs projects include The ECDL - MediaLT works to make the European Computer Driving License accessible to the visually impaired. Their research is focused on developing a distant education course as well as offering individual training. MediaLT is partner in the EU-project ECDL-PD. MediaLT develops games, query books and other computer products for visually impaired children. The idea of the project Eye phone is to use video telephony as a communication channel to a sighted eye. MediaLT collaborates with a number of persons and professional environments with different expert competence in a wide range of fields. This ensures high quality work, and their goal is to be one of the leading research and development companies in Norway.

Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union

Slovak Republic

Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union (UNSS) is a NGO of the blind and visually impaired people. Its general objectives are to improve quality of life of visually impaired people, to give them a chance to participate on creation conditions for their inclusion in society, preparation of visually impaired for independent, equal and integrated life and providing special services, counselling, advocacy and training related to visual impairment, including social rehabilitation skills and information access technology users training.

Leabank Management Services

United Kingdom

Leabank Management Services is a private development organisation specialising in all aspects of language-related projects, including R&D, module design, translation, production (books, toolkits, CDs etc.), distribution, marketing & dissemination. They have over 20 years experience of operating in this field. Their skills include project management, testing, monitoring & assessment, technical translation, product marketing. They have expertise in production of training & reference materials for specific occupational sectors (business / commerce, engineering, environment, agriculture, tourism) especially ODL, access to local/national networks for testing etc.